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CD Release "Gate Gate - The Sound of Falling Leaves" <br>mit Renée Sunbird (Sa, 12.

A Kirtan Highlight! CD Release of the new Album from Renée Sunbird:

"My new album is coming out SOON!! I still can’t believe it ...

The title of my new CD is 'Gate Gate – The Sound of Falling Leaves.'

After making the first album last year I didn’t think about making a second one. I was very happy with that one album. It turned out so beautiful and it took me like, 10 years to really figure out how to make an album and how that works ... haha ... So I expected to make another one in maybe like, 10 years...But then new songs came to me, and feedback, and somehow I just had to go with it and be in the moment.

Usually when I talk about my songs, I say: They came to me. People then sometimes understand that I heard them somewhere. And somehow that’s true. Sometimes I’m in the middle of playing with the children, or cooking, or cleaning - usually I'm in the middle of doing something - and suddenly there is a thought, and then another one, and it’s such a strong feeling that I have to sit and write it down. And then I wonder: Wow, I just wrote that?It feels like I’m just listening in a right moment.

Honestly, I don’t know where the songs are coming from. I know they are not from me, because I couldn’t really come up with such beautiful words and melody. I guess I am receiving the songs, because they carry an important message for myself. Something I have to learn or understand. And that’s also the reason why I’m singing, trying to grasp the meaning behind the words.

The second album is again a collection of traditional Mantras and songs I received.

Thomas Barquee has done an amazing job with production, yet I feel he has done so much more. I feel so lucky to be able to work with him. I myself have learned so many things.Check out his music and his own projects, if you haven't done that yet:

The beautiful musicians who contributed to the album: Simone Sello (guitar), Luigi Recca (percussion), Hans Christian (cello), Seela Bringi (flute), Anjan Basu (esraj). How I would love to meet them one day to thank them in person.

Aurélia Fronty has made such a beautiful cover. She is very busy, working for Djeco and newspapers in France and all over the world, illustrating books and making exhibitions. I feel very grateful that she found the time to illustrate my CD.check out her beautiful work:

Monika Severova again made a beautiful Mandala for the CD. She is such a beautiful soul with so much talent.

Since all the people who have worked on the CD are spread all over the world, you won't meet them at the CD Release on November 12th.

But you will meet me, and my family, and together with Christian Weiss on the tabla, we can sing some songs from the new CD. And other songs as well.

AND..... We are very lucky to have an exhibition of Monika's beautiful Mandala Art that day! You will be able to see some more of her amazing work.

After singing, there will be vegan snacks and tea and if you feel like you want to bring some vegan food as well - feel free.

I hope to see you there :)

Much Love, Renée"

Renée Sunbird: Ukulele, Sansula und Vokal

Boris: Harmonium und Vokal Christian Weiss: Tabla und Vokal

Kosten: frei Weitere Termine: 17. Dezember (Weihnachtsfest)!

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