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Flying Machines in Vienna (10. - 12. November)<br>with Yaroslav Tua & Gamaleyeva Mariya

FLYING MACHINES with Yaroslav Tua & Gamaleyeva Mariya (Moscow Acro Family)

INTENSIVE ACROYOGA WEEKEND - Two Days of Technical and Artistic Acroyoga. The Russians are back in Town! :) SAVE THE DATE! :) Who ever was part of their Workshop in 2015, know, that they are really great Acroyogis! :) Flying Machines (Moscow) offers a newly released original program, that will challenge the bodies, tease the brains, make you sweat and enjoy practitioners regardless the level and experience. Bunch of tricky calibrations to refine the technical skills, arty washing machines to have fun and deepen partner work, pops and wipes to realize the power of momentum, hand-2-hand work to meditate upon… Feeling like playing joyfully and working hard? Join us in Vienna…. THE SCHEDULE: FRIDAY Evening 18:00 – 21:00 Guided Jam (Donation based) SATURDAY 10:00-13:00 & 14:30-17:30 SUNDAY 10:00-13:00 & 14:30-17:30 PRICE: EARLY BIRD (until 30.09.2017) Two Days: € 130,- / One Day: € 70,- NORMAL (after 30.09.2017) Two Days: € 150,- / One Day: € 80,- REGISTRATION: email to (Sibylle Langauer) "FLYING MACHINES" Moscow-based crew specialized in L-basing. Teachers and performers, passionate practitioners and researchers. FM have been teaching all over Russia and abroad since 2013. Guests of the biggest Festivals like Yoga Journal Conference, Israel Acro Convention and Dutch Acro Convention guys are recognized both for their unique style /AcroYoga with a Russian accent/ and original material that challenges the bodies, tease the brains, make sweat and enjoy practitioners regardless the level and experience. While teaching they pay attention both to theoretical, practical and psyciological aspects of AcroYoga: principles of balance and weight-distribution, work with the power of momentum and eccentric force, feeling and understanding the partner, building up positive, productive and honest communication. Guys believe these issues are not to be just discussed, but to be realized and put into practice. Yaroslav TUA is Certified ® Teacher and one of Moscow AcroFamily Leaders, the founder of 'Flying Machines' Project and 'AcroYoga Platform' space. Mariya GAMALEYEVA – Certified Yoga Teacher (Mumbai Shri Yogendraji Yoga Institute), Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher and practitioner, 'AcroYoga Platform' co-founder . Both Yaroslav and Mariya have been training with the most famous world teachers: Lux, Pau Castellsague, YogaSlackers (Jason and Chelsey), AcroRevolution (Josh and Lizzy Young), Yanai Levor, Peter Van Valkenhoef and Thorsten Bohle…just to name few. Get some impressions here:

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