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Family Holidays: Yoga Art & Nature (July 16th to Friday 22nd)

Program for parents, children and teens of all ages.

Languages: English/Spanish

What better way to enjoy your family holidays than through yoga, acroyoga, music, dance, hiking, sports, creative activities and social learning experiences, for parents and children. One week in close and joyful connection with nature and yoga principles.


At Casa Cuadrau, an eco guest house which runs Yoga & Hiking Retreats in a hidden paradise. It is located at the foot of “Monte Perdido” in Ordesa National Park.


The arts nurture and awaken curiosity and creativity in children. Practicing Yoga offers unlimited physical and mental benefits as well as supporting the cultivation of essential values, such as generosity, honesty, self confidence and respect for all beings and for oneself.

  • Daily adults and teens Yoga- asanas classes (Ashtanga Vinyasa style)

  • Daily kids Yoga-asana & games sessions (English & Spanish)

  • Yoga, art or nature family workshops in the afternoons

  • Meditation sessions for adults and shorter sessions with some concentration techniques for kids and teens.

  • Fun mindful hiking excursions with nature interpretation.

  • Swim in the river and picnic in nature.

  • Baking bread and cookies workshop.

  • Music, chanting and storytelling.

  • Karma Yoga; acting mindfully, giving our best wholeheartedly. Little and big ones will help with easy tasks (drying dishes, sweeping, gardening, etc) to cultivate the sense of responsibility and collaboration.

  • Games that promote cooperation and friendship.

  • Sharing circles, to promote open communication and to foster a sense of community and support amongst the group.

* All our activities are optional, but we encourage the participantes to attend all the program to get the whole experience of the retreat, with all its benefits.


Boris Georgiev

Father of two beautiful daughters, Boris loves to share his practice and knowledge with people of all ages. His is a great facilitator of acro yoga workshops for kids and adults, offering them in a funny and easy way for all leves of practice.

In the yoga tradition, direct energetic transmission is regarded as the superior teaching method. Studying with Boris, one has the chance to understand why and how. As a lifelong practitioner and student of yoga, Boris embodies and vibrates the teachings that he has been learning to love since he was a boy.

Born in 1972 in Bulgaria, Boris began yoga as a child, learning more about the spirit and heart of yoga during his teenage years practising with his Bulgarian teacher Venzislav Eftimoff. Later, in Vienna, he continued to expand his understanding of yoga as a multi-faceted path to support happiness and balance in the modern world working with the holistic Sivananda yoga method. It was in the Sivananda ashram in South India that Boris met Lino Miele who inspired him to work with the Aṣṭāṅga Vinyasa Yoga method. From 1995, this modality became more and more the principal frame for Boris’ asana practice as he continued studying with Michel Besnard and Andrea Morava.

In 2000, after Michael and Andrea went to Australia, Boris founded the Yogacenter Ganesha, where he teaches mainly aṣṭāṅga yoga and acro yoga. Since the 1990s, Boris has studied aṣṭāṅga with Pattabhi Jois and Sharath(India), V.Shashadri (India), Lino Miele (Italy), Nancy Gilgoff (Maui), Andrew Eppler (Oklahoma), Cliff Barber (Crete), Danny Paradise (Molokai) and others. Besides his many years of personal practice, Boris’ teaching is also informed by his four year course study for psychological self-awareness, Spiraldynamic® anatomy, and AcroYoga® – Symbiosis between Yoga, Acrobatics and Nuad (Thai Massage).

Renee Georgiev

Renee was born 1981 in Graz. 1996 she learned about yoga from her father. Driven by the search for inner happiness and peace of mind, she started studying philosophy and Indology (Sanskrit) at the University of Vienna. While she found everything very interesting at the University, she missed the practical part of all the theory, and soon started a regular Yoga practice. Finally, she went to India in 2003 to go deeper in her practice.

In 2004 Renee went on a Yoga retreat and connected with her nowadays husband Boris Georgiev. They both had the feeling to have found their soulmate. Two years later they got married.

Still, Renées quest was not over. Often the Yoga practice left her in tears, and she was feeling as if she couldn’t solve it with the Yoga practice itself.

That’s how she found art therapy (by Erwin Bakowsky) and immediately felt at home. Buddhistic meditation techniques were used to connect to inner images, which then were painted, or crafted, and then resolved by various psychological techniques, family constellation work being just one of them.

Renee found another key to inner peace when she met two stunning healers in Brazil (Joao de Deus and Valentim). There she realized that Everything is possible, and that miracles really happen.

When Renee got pregnant with her first child, she did the Spiraldynamik Basic Course and it helped her to get alignment and understand more about the anatomy of her body.

All of these beautiful experiences enabled Renee to have a beautiful and memorable home birth of her daughter Kaiya in 2011.

In 2014 she experienced a unique Lotus birth of her daughter Yuki. Lotus birth does not mean that she gave birth sitting in Lotus In Lotus birth you refrain from cutting the umbilical cord. Instead you take care of the placenta and wait until the cord detaches in its own time.

Since 2009 she leads Kirtans together with her husband Boris, where beautiful, powerful songs touch the heart. ·

The most important teacher: her husband Boris Georgiev, her daughters Kaiya and Yuki, and Venkatesh and Hema in India. Yoga for her means to be free.

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