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  • Boris Georgiev

Kirtan mit Ganga Puri, Renee Sunbird & Boris<br>(Sonntag, 14. Juli, 19h)

We are very happy and excited to have an evening of Mantras and chants with Ganga Puri from India!!

Ganga Puri has been providing spiritual guidance and yogic training for thousands of students from over 30 countries. As a Yoga-Acharya (master of yoga), he devotes his energy to leading yoga courses and Vedic studies for those seeking Truth. Besides his studies, he has continuously been blessed by the teachings of traditional Indian gurus and yogis throughout his life

Boris and Renée are very happy to have an evening of Mantras and chants together with Ganga again!! It was super special last year, so come and join us!!

Sunday, July 14th from 19.00 - 21.00

Costs: Donation for the Santosh Puri Ashram (our suggestion >= 10 €)

#HOTNEWS #SpecialKirtan

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