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Ashtanga Yoga: The Heart of the Sun <br>with Andrew Eppler (16. - 18. Nov)

We feel very happy to welcome Andrew Eppler back in Ganesha! Please join his very inspiring workshops!


  • Friday, 18 - 20h: Surya Namaskar and Vinyasa - Philosophie and Practice

  • Saturday 9 - 11.30h: Ashtanga Primary Series led class with Tipps and Tricks 12 - 14h: Yoga Therapy and Healing Arts Special Event: 19 - 21h: Screening of the Film "Mysore Yoga Traditions"

  • Sunday 9 - 11.30h: Ashtanga 2nd Series led class: Facing the challenging postures 12 - 14h: Mudra/Bandha/Pranayama and Energetic Anatomy

  • Additional Classes with Andrew: Sat & Sun, 7 - 9h: Mysore Style

Costs: 165€

Registration and Information: • 0664/4027358

Account Details

Andrew Eppler has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for over 30 Years. He is the owner and director of Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman Oklahoma USA. Andrew has studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sri BNS Iyengar and many of the senior western teachers of Ashtanga Yoga including David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff, Danny Paradise, David Swenson and others. Beginning his daily yoga practice the age of 14, yoga has been his lifelong passion. Andrew teaches with kindness and respect for each individual’s needs and the inherent wisdom we all have within our own bodies. While working within the traditional framework of Ashtanga Yoga, Andrew enjoys sharing ideas about yoga that are both traditional and contemporary. For over 20 years Andrew has considered BNS Iyengar from Mysore to be his primary Indian teacher. Because of this, his approach to the practice has always been different from mainstream Ashtanga. His instructions from his teacher have not been “never change the sequence of postures” but rather “teach this beautiful system of practice in a way that transcends culture, language, religion and politics and try to share it sincerely and kindly with as many people as possible.” Andrew’s teaching is a synthesis of ideas and techniques he has learned through years of traveling and teaching in many countries. Some of the influences in Andrew’s approach to asanas include Myofascial stretch, Thai Massage and Chiropractic techniques. He sees yoga as a life-long exploration and has always collected safe and effective methods for creating balance, relieving pain, and moving deeper into the postures. Andrew is also a magician and uses magic and illusion in his workshops to illustrate some of the philosophical ideas of yoga. While staying grounded in the roots of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and at the same time drawing from many sources of inspiration and technique from all around the world, Andrew’s teaching encourages students to create their own healing, joyful, evolving, sacred, lifelong yoga practices.

Friday 18 - 20h

Andrew’s workshop will begin with an explanation of Surya Namaskar and Vinyasa. Surya Namaskar is at the core of the Ashtanga Vinyasa approach to practicing yoga postures. Vinyasa its self is nothing other than Surya Namaskar in between each posture. The sun has a huge significance in Indian philosophy. Sri Krishnamacharya, who is called the father of modern yoga by many people, came from a very strong tradition of sun worship and Bhakti Yoga. The energetic changes we all experience as we practice yoga are associated with the “rising of the sun within” in Indian Philosophy. This workshop class will explain some of the history and philosophy that Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga rests upon. We will discuss the physical practice of Surya Namaskar and how it can be practiced safely, and integrated into asana practices with the Vinyasa method. If Primary Series would be thought of as a song, Surya Namaskar is the scale and rhythm of that song. Vinyasa movements can be repeated countless times painlessly, without causing repetitive strain injuries, only if the techniques are learned properly.

Saturday 9 - 11:30h: Introduction to Ashtanga Primary Series

Andrew will lead the class through the Primary Series showing the Vinyasa counts and methods for entering and exiting postures. Variations will be given to ensure that everyone can practice safely and more advanced techniques will be shown for students who are ready for them. Andrew will also teach a method called Isometric Stretching which is useful for students as well as teachers. It involves contracting muscles before stretching them and this can be done by students as they practice or given in the form of an adjustment by a teacher. Contracting muscles before stretching them will allow the muscles to lengthen more and can help us to move deeper into postures we find difficult. This will be the same primary series we know and love, but with a different emphasis and a few tricks included.

Saturday 12 - 14h: Yoga Therapy and Healing Arts

As we practice yoga postures we become aware of imbalances in our bodies. Naturally we look for techniques to address our issues. For this reason yoga students are inspired to study many different healing arts. In this class Andrew will teach methods for discovering and understanding the imbalances in our bodies. We will focus on the lower back and pelvic rotation and explore several healing modalities including Ball Therapy, Myofascial Release, Dynamic Stretching, Muscle Activation Technique and other ways in which a yoga practitioner can customize their asana practice to create balance and heal injuries. All of the techniques taught in this class can be done alone without the assistance of anyone else. Students will learn some new tools to work with and gain insight into their personal tension patterns. By doing the same postures with different emphasis we can create amazing results! This class includes techniques and approaches from many yoga communities, teachers and bodyworkers from many different parts of the world who have shared their methods with Andrew over the years.

Saturday 19 - 21h: Screening of the Film "Mysore Yoga Traditions"

In 2016 Andrew Eppler released the movie "mysore yoga traditions", a beautiful documentation on the many facets and rich traditions of Yoga in Mysore. This movie will be screened as a community event on Saturday, 17th November.

Please join us for the screening and invite your friends too :-)

This film gets right to the roots of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as the yoga community of Mysore tells the story of yoga in their community and how they feel about the way it is practiced today. From the principal of the Maharaja's Sanskrit College to the Queen of Mysore, some of the most authoritative people in Mysore speak candidly about the way they see yoga and what it means to them. Andrew Eppler is the director and producer of this film and will be available for questions, comments and group discussion afterward.

Sunday 9 - 11:30h: Introduction to 2nd Series Ashtanga Yoga

This will be a gentle introduction to the challenging postures of 2nd series that can be enjoyed by everyone. We will discuss how to transition into 2nd series in personal practice and give some practical ideas for determining when it is time for this. While listening to the inherent wisdom of our own bodies, we will explore a sequence of postures that can create great joy and healing. Andrew will show some options for using Isometric Stretch in 2nd Series as well. These postures can help to create a more balanced practice and take us through the limitations that hold us back in Primary Series. The aim of this class is to explore the 2nd series, showing some variations for safety, and to inspire students to take their practices further.

Sunday 12 - 14: Mudra/Bandha/Pranayama and Energetic Anatomy

Andrew will teach a system of pranayama in this class that can be done safely and enjoyed by everyone. We will begin with an explanation of the Bandhas and practice them in the form of Mudras to gain a deeper understanding of these techniques. Both Mudras and Pranayama were an important part of Sri Krishnamacharya’s teaching and Sri Pattabhi Jois taught them to the early western students of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. We will explore those techniques in this class. Pranayama is the 4th Limb in Ashtanga Yoga and it forms a bridge from the physical practices of Asana and Mudra into the more subtle realms of concentration and meditation. The Pranayama system of Sri BNS Iyengar will be taught and some of the subtle aspects will be explained. Andrew will speak about how to safely begin these practices and incorporate them into daily life. We will also discuss the yogic ideas of the nervous system that are connected with Pranayama. The concepts of Kundalini, Shushumna Nadi, Ida, and Pingala Nadis will be explained. These practices are part of an ancient philosophy and provide a glimpse into the inner practices of Yoga which become relevant as we go deeper into our asana practices.

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